11 June 2014

A Basic Stand for the Palm-Radio Keyer

Sometimes it is as easy as 1-2-3, but only if you got the right ideas from you friends. In one of last posts about the new "Palm Single" keyer I was complaining about the lack of a stand provided by the Oms of Palm. After some discussions on the German Qrp-Forum there was an easy solution presented, which I managed to replicate.

DL1SDZ proudly presents the Palm-Keyer Stand

07 June 2014

Ham Radio Audio Input into the Wolfson Pi Audio Card

The specifications of the card sounded great:
  • jack for a headset/boom mic combination
  • microphone input
  • two On-board microphones
  • stereo line input 
  • stereo line output
  • electrical S/PDIF digital input
  • class D power amplifier
Raspi with Wolfson Audio Card

06 June 2014

Elegance and Simplicity: The "Palm Single" Keyer

Did you ask yourself sometimes why there are two paddles on you keyer?
The Schurr Keyer
You don't do squeeze. You just hit your fingers on the DIT or on the DAH lever, for you never learned it properly. So one lever should be sufficient if on one side there is a DIT and on the other side there is a DAH! You got the chance to test it with the Palm-Radio miniature single lever morse paddle.

Palm Single

05 June 2014

Choosing a CW-Keyer for the Palm Radio Single Paddle

Well, Thomas (HB9RML) said, that my plans for the future SOLF+ were ambitious. He may be right, but part of the work is already done or needs to be assembled. But first the good news. My new Single Paddle from Palm Radio arrived today.

Palm Radio single (left) and normal (right) paddle.
Congrats Hannes (DL9SCO) and Dieter (DJ6TE): You did again a very fine job. But more on that subject in an other post. (You know I just got it about an hour ago and I have to do some fine tuning, which takes some time and of course I have to get used to it ;-)

03 June 2014

Reconsidering: The SOLF+

When you check my blog you will find over 80 posts concerning the SOLF. What has happend? I stopped publishing about the SOLF for I sold it. The reasons were manifold. I enjoyed the building process, made a lot of contacts, but compared to my K2 the SOLF was not really better. In fact the filtering was no fun, there was no CAT-Control, ..., the keyer was a pain, ..., and there was no light over the horizon.
Your's truly SOLF Nr. 22

But things have changed.

02 June 2014

Considering a New Transceiver for an Old Ham

If you have nothing you got nothing to loose. But at last for me this is not true. I have my share of ham equipment, but still ... There is a nagging feeling, that there are still some limits which can be pushed a little farther away.
 Nasa: Spitzer Space Telescope's View of Galaxy Messier 101

27 April 2014

HowTo Install a Web Based Logbook on a BeagleBone

The title is misleading: You can install the Logbook on every Linux computer or CubieBoard 3 or what ever you like. I choose the BeagleBoneBlack for it is my communication server which is thanks to +Bob Mottram and his FreedomeBone concept as secure as a server can get. And this is important, when you store your data on a machine, which accessible from the net. So don't forget to follow the concepts I have explained in my FreedomeBone post.